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Tokyo Disneyland Closed After Massive Japan Quake – YCN

Tokyo Disneyland Resort and DisneySea closed for inspection

Tokyo Disneyland Resort is closed for inspections of attractions and infrastructure following Friday’s massive 9.0 quake. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are expected to remain closed through Saturday at a minimum, possibly longer. Tokyo Disney officials report no deaths and only a few minor injuries.

Guests spend cold and surreal night in Disney park

Reports estimate approximately 70,000 guests in Tokyo’s Disney parks when the quake hit. Quake-damaged transit systems forced approximately half that number to spend the night inside the park. Disney employees distributed blankets, hot tea and heaters to guests bedding down in restaurants and cafeterias in the 30 degree weather. New York Post Travel Editor David Landsel tweeted that the ever-hospitable Disney staff began apologizing to guests for the quake even as it was happening.

Damage at Tokyo Disneyland Resort expected to be minor

Located some 200 miles south the epicenter, Tokyo Disneyland was spared the apocalyptic devastation seen elsewhere in Japan. Photos from news reports and social networking sites show a mostly intact park, with buckled pavement and standing water in the parking areas and near the monorail. The water is not from the tsunami, but from landfill liquefaction caused by the quake’s intense shaking.

US MBA group unharmed

A US group of 13 MBA students, two professors and a tour operator from DeLand, Fla. were in the park when the quake struck. They are unharmed.

Tokyo Disneyland inspections will take time

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  1. Disney hospitality really is legendary – I can’t believe they apologized for the quake. I wonder how many kids went to Disney that morning wishing they could spend all night in the park – and wound up doing just that under some horribly tragic circumstances.

    Posted by Grace_Shreve | March 13, 2011, 4:30 PM

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